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Parson Gin

Parson SOLO Classy

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The premium gin that makes the world a classy place.

You can’t buy class. You must learn it, master it, live it. Details matter. Parson Classy takes a dry gin to another level of class and welcomes you to join. Classy is your partner in crime, your statement, your pickup line. Pickup drink, actually. And it comes with a hint of citrus fruits as being classy is always fresh.

  • 1x Classy gin 0,2 l
  • 2x Goldberg tonic 0,2 l
  • Premium Gift Box



Juniper, bitter orange, lemon, angelica, coriander, cassis.

× Juniper berries contributing to dryness.
× Fennel, coriander, anise.
× Long-lasting fresh and faintly bitter aftertaste.
× Slightly spicy as fresh pepper.

× Citrus at the beginning, dry also after smelling.
× Citrus with lemon zest is preserved continuously, later joined by lime.
× Pleasant smell of juniper berries, without a spicy sensation in the nose or smelling methylated spirits.

Recommended cocktails:
× Classic gin cocktail
× Negroni
× Dry martini