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Parson Gin

Parson Gift GRAPY

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The world’s first premium gin from the aromatic Styrian grapes Jurka.

Grapy likes to get lost in nature and find some love there. Once on a sunny day in the vineyard daydreaming with a beautiful soulmate led to the most ingenious idea. The sweetest hand picked grapes were perfectly combined with a hint of juniper berries, coriander and citrus fruits to become the sophisticated Parson premium gin for the most lovely moments. Explore the love, enjoy it, spread it.

Volume: 700 ML (40 VOL. %)

Premium Gift Box


Juniper, coriander, grape jurka, freshly squeezed jurka juice, lemon.

× Subtle citrus.
× Predominantly berries, grape jurka remaining in the forefront.
× Long-lasting aftertaste of grape jurka and berries.

× Grape jurka.
× Dark berries.

Recommended cocktails:
× Aviation
× White Lady (Cointreau)
× Clover Club with Vermouth.